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NAME Festival – Nord Art Musique Électronique – is a festival dedicated to electronic arts of all kinds. Since its first edition in 2005, with a clear ambition to offer a varied, unique, and cutting-edge selection of images and sounds. NAME Festival is built around two main core concepts: the electronic nights, and the masterclasses, the NAME Academy. Art Point M has envisioned the festival aspect, taking charge of its programming, set design, logistics, and technical realization. The festival has been exported in a variety of forms: as a club, but also, for 3 years now in Paris at the 104, in an Electro Carnival incarnation. The NAME Festival sets up shop in unusual spaces: the Tripostal, starting in 2005, on disused industrial sites and at the wholesale market in 2015, and at the River Port of Halluin in 2016. That year, 40 000 people came together for the NAME event. March 2017 saw the inception of the first edition of the Winter NAME Festival at La Condition Publique - Roubaix.

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