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Theatrum Mundi helps to expand the crafts of city-making through collaboration between artists and urbanists.
Theatrum Mundi is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, with the charitable aim of improving the understanding of cities through education and research. They think that collaboration with artists can offer city-makers — architects, planners, engineers, and urbanists — critical approaches to the way their crafts shape the public life of cities.
Their concern is for the ways the public lives of cities, in all their forms, are understood and designed. They aim to enrich these by engaging urbanists in co-production of knowledge, culture, and design, with artists, writers, performers, and scholars.

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audit, benchmark, monitoring, research, prospective, positioning, editorial direction, textuals - account & story-telling


monitoring, research, cartography, strategic positioning


strategic direction, conception / writing of speaking engagements, communication plan, media planning, operational implementation, influence - targeting, press and public relations - and mediation - promotion, partnerships