Located between land and sea, the Sugar Market is a meeting place for people and various skills. Commonly called "Third Places", these hybrid spaces offer the possibility of working remotely, resting, learning, having lunch and discovering spaces of creativity. La Halle aux Sucres is a third place dedicated to the urban, economic and societal challenges of a world in transition. Imagine a sustainable future together, thanks to the hosting of events organized by its institutional occupants, but also thanks to you. For example, a Repair café that exists thanks to its volunteers allows each month to avoid the production of several kilos of waste.

The building rehabilitated by the architect Pierre-Louis Faloci is experienced by an interior street which allows light to enter the two wings that it separates. On one side are workspaces for city professionals, on the other there are spaces dedicated to you: exhibitions, a resource center, the Urban Agglomeration Memory Center (CMUA). The two wings meet at the forum, where you will find an auditorium, an exhibition space, a press area, digital material and work rooms.

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