Centers, peripheries and ruralities
in progress

By anticipating and defining devices conceived as new, autonomous, independent mechanisms that come together, jigsaw gives birth to new fundamentals. They participate collectively in a common dimension around the emulsion and the hybridization of contemporary creation in porosity with society. With bitume, jigsaw is at the heart of the regeneration of the city, its peripheries and rurality - support and organ on all scales - explorations, visions and foresight.

bitume is sensitive, transpiring, organic.
Conquests, incursions, friction, organizations, meetings: the city - from its center, throughout the outskirts, to rurality - is an intimate and collective score. Paths, stories, dialogues, in the shadows, in the light. bitume composes equations.
From the ground and observe the feet on the ground. A playground for architects and urban planners, the city always comes back to its inhabitants. Neither geographers, nor sociologists, nor historians can establish a fixed cartography. bitumen brings together without distinction approaches, attitudes, professions: those who practice the city, intrinsically, day and night, in their arts, their skills, their inspirations, their imaginations, in the heart of life .
Between frivolity and gravity, bitume is a character, an attitude, a combination.
With bitume, the how interests and challenges. To exceed utilitarianism, beyond functionalism, to create new ones, in a post-metaphysical technical age.
The city is a forest of shapes, faces, crises, perceptions, desires, pride, quests, borders, crossings, unfinished, extravagance. bitumen is human, citizen, free.
Between empty and full, visible, determinant, untold, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, bitumen probe.

bitume is predictive.
In immersion, in transformation, with attention, bitume is landscape, matter, essence.
Between functions and processes, bitume is connection: ecological, economic, societal. bitumen is connected to the ground.
Bitume has a social function, questioning quality and generating porosity in the heart and around the city to allow everyone to take root in a territory, to revitalize themselves, to revitalize themselves.
Like an essential and unique hub in France, asphalt makes it possible to hoard all the knowledge relating to the urban territory. bitume scrutinizes civilization.
Bitume is the place for researchers rather than experts. bitumen implements concrete work rather than studies. Go beyond sets, frames, buildings and empty houses. Want to raise the blinds, reconnect with people, do more portraits, show scenes of life, the good as the bad. Reveal and understand the sensitive, the invisible, the universal codes, of the street.
Enchant, connect, disconnect, coexist.
Authors, makers, carpenters, masons, craftsmen, architects, antique dealers, photographers, videographers, engineers, geeks, financiers, entrepreneurs, inhabitants, writers, historians, philosophers, tradesmen, students.
The accuracy of our relationship with the city in the consideration of the times and requires a rise both intimate and continuous consciences.
Between abstraction and concrete reality, bitume does not define the city by delimiting it. Rather than drawing out the contours, bitume wants to see the multiplicity of its forms, its interpretations and its dwellings.

bitume gives to explain, to understand, to explore, to live, to celebrate.
bitume program, product and diffuse: area, atlas, ambulation, house. Transcripts embodied, sensitive, raw. Investigations, expeditions, custom-made systems for an inhabited and reconfigured device. Photography, poetry, orality, odors build an incarnate, expressive, visible ensemble. In interface, trans-sectors and trans-disciplines to give meaning, common sense and breathe durably.
In an approach borrowing from the local and the global, bitume must be in the city as well as outside,  linked to an experience of the field, organize meetings, objects of gatherings, regular in the city but also and especially go through the networks, for an outside radiation.
Leave the field and propose other ways of passage and housing. Starting from the city, bitume asserts itself as a research project that brings together observation and experimentation. Popular platform, bitume favors the crossroads of knowledge and know-how to draw uses of the street profitable to all. Start from the ground and build on the ground. bitume collects data about the city. bitume is not a public institution although it aims for the universal good, bitume is the relay of associative and particular initiatives. bitume lays the foundations of the city of tomorrow with the experience of those who make it.

bitume is living observatory of the city.



advisory and action centers: audit, benchmark, monitoring, research, prospective, positioning, strategic and artistic direction, textual - account & story-telling - and visual - graphical charter - briefs, communication tools realisation


advice and action centers: monitoring, research, cartography, strategic and scientific positioning, editorial and artistic direction, programming, production direction & coordination, technical & logistical management


strategic direction, conception / writing of speaking engagements, communication plan, media planning, operational implementation, influence (targeting, press and public relations, social media, events) and mediation (promotion, media partnerships, marketing digital, community management)


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