culture, ideas and creation

Jigsaw is an agent and architect of generations, revolutions, societies. In vivo & in digital, jigsaw coordinates strategic - innovative and forecasting -, production and operational implementation: foundations and positioning, manufacturing and construction, financing and speaking engagements, visibility and notoriety. Ideas, challenges and projects come together. Disciplines, know-how and skills come together. Creators, organizations and territories are stimulated, mobilized and coordinated in networks. Round tables imagine, draw and build. Needs are anticipated. Actions, tools and timings combine and match. Every time is studied because precious. Each deployment is unique or becomes one.

houses, organizations, collectives, territories, personalities

jigsaw responds to a context of questions, observations, desires, passions and explicit problems of foundation, metamorphosis, incarnation and propagation. jigsaw feeds the story running and aggregates currents, flows and connections. jigsaw generates global adventures by provoking - every day - meetings of energies, biases, skills, possibilities.

art, architecture, fashion, photography, cinema, music, media, innovation, society

jigsaw poses, elaborates, adds and shares daily glances, technicals, subjects and combinations by regular invitation to contributors. In the heart and beyond the non stop thread of the creation of its production to its diffusion - conversations between the disciplines give rise to fields of expression which illustrate by their accuracy, singularity and complementarity. Founded in 2015 - the office is directed and coordinated by Julien Diers and led by a resource team and connected and renewed dedicated groups. Initiate a conversation, exchange desires and issues, build a story: that of identity.

at 41bis boulevard voltaire 75011 paris
and at 39 rue de la vigne 59100 roubaix
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In everyday life, jigsaw revolves around 4 platforms:


jigsaw defines and nurtures identity at the idea stage or its renewal - where the project, the image and the speech are imbued with strong values. - Advisory and action centers: audit, benchmark, monitoring, research, prospective, positioning, strategic and artistic direction, textual - account & story-telling - and visual - graphical charter - briefs, communication tools realisation


jigsaw carries out identity by creation, direction and producting of innovative formats in public, institutional or private ecosystems. - Advice and action centers: monitoring, research, cartography, strategic and scientific positioning, editorial and artistic direction, programming, production direction & coordination, technical & logistical management


jigsaw accurately conveys identity to natural, influential, affinity and potential audiences. - Advisory and action centers: strategic direction, conception / writing of speaking engagements, communication plan, media planning, operational implementation, influence (targeting, press and public relations, social media, events) and mediation (promotion, media partnerships, marketing digital, community management)


jigsaw builds identity with selected and relevant actors to aggregate geographic territories, economic levers, skills, activities and transmedia targets. - Consulting and action centers: monitoring, research, mapping, financing, business plan, fundraising, prospecting, call for projects, competitions and applications, networking, partnerships